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WRS Books In Order

Welcome to WRS Books In Order, or if you prefer, WRS Book Series In Order. Likely you are here because you have found an author that you like, and you want to order more books that he or she wrote, but you would like to read those books in order, so that way you can order the books in that book series in order. In case you are curious, the intial's 'WRS' are actually my initials and also come from the first part my small company's name WRS Web Solutions Inc. I like books, and I like to read. If you have found your way here, I am guessing that you like books as well! Happy reading!

There is a very old saying that 'Rome was not built in a day.' It is a true one. It also applies to websites, like this one. It takes time to flesh out a website they way I would like to! Thanks in advance for your patience.

Website Finances

This website is supported by Amazon affiliate income. Please note unless otherwise specified, external books links on this site will take you to Amazon.com (the Amazon USA site), and that as an Amazon Associate my website earns from qualifying purchases on that site. If you are from outside the USA and order from a different Amazon site (not the 'Amazon.com' one), then I do not earn anything, unless you click on a link next to the book for that other Amazon site! (If such a link is present for your situation.) For example Amazon.ca if you are shopping from Canada (where I am also an Amazon affiliate on the Amazon Canada website). Thanks!

Books In Order

Finding the best books in order, which is always the best way to read them! I love to read books, but unfortunately many authors do not write fast enough for me! As a result I follow many series of books, and I always prefer to read books in order, but it can be a real challange sometimes, trying to find out the order that the books in a book series come in! Perhaps this website will help you find the best books in order.

Book Series In Order

Below is a list of the top 100 or so most popular book series in order of how popluar they are. If you wish to find the author by first name then last name, you can most likely do so on the Authors page. Like all websites, this one will take time to grow, so if you do not see what you are looking for today, maybe check back again later on!

Popular Book Series

In case you happen to find this of interest, (or are looking for a new popular book series to read), the top 100 popular book series queries (in order of popularity, and in lower case, exactly as people typed them in to Google, so you might see the same series show up once or twice under a different search query) that people are searching for online include:

In addition I like to read Dick Francis books in order and Felix Francis books in order, as well as James Bond books in order. OK, I also like a number of other book series as well. Can't help it, I like to read! By the way if you like Dick Francis & Felix Francis books you might like John Francombe, Lyndon Stacey, and Sasscer Hill books in order.

Popular Book

So what is the most popular book right now? At the moment the best selling book is Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. It is a series of books, best read in order. Another option is to have a look at: 100 Hot Book on Amazon.com. One may assume that these are one hundred of the best books. More on this a little later on!

Popular Book Series For Teens

So what is a popular book series for teens? Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling is very popular among teens. There are however other series well read by teens! More on that soon.

World's Most Popular Book

What is the most popular book in the world? (A well intentioned book review of sorts by an average guy in today's world.) The world's most popular book is The Bible. It is a non-fiction book. The word Bible is said to have come from a Greek word meaning 'the books'. The Bible is actually a collection of books, none of which were originally written in English. One of them called Ecclesiastes, was written by King Solomon. (Various books of the Bible, were written in Hebrew, or Aramaic, or Greek.) There are several English language translations or 'editions' of it. The King James version is a common one, a translation into the plain English of the day (long ago), likely the first English translation. There are newer translations such as the New International Version or NIV, using today's English, same message, just easier to read! The Bible has two basic parts, the Old Testament which comes from Judaism, and the New Testament which is mostly about a Jew called Jesus. If you want to know more about it, why not read a copy?

Generally speaking, 'Christians' are the non-Jewish followers of Jesus. If you are not a Christian, and want to know what they believe, (so you can understand them better) then the Bible, will tell you all about that. (Some people who are not in the least religious like to read it as a history book, while others like to read it for the wisdom it conveys as well as its high moral teachings, as Jesus was highly regarded as a 'teacher', and much more.) Reading it could be life changing.

Some additional information. It is my personal understanding that most Jews today generally regard Jesus as a man, if they even comment upon him at all. It is also my humble understanding that the followers of Mohammed consider Jesus to be a Prophet, and believe that he performed miracles. Christians hold him in even higher standing.

As a note, if you learned in school that the word is 'millions of years old', or some variation on that theme, then you may be surprised to find out that from a biblical point of view the world is more like about six thousand years old, complete with some geneology. The Bible gives a whole different world view (a much more positive & hopeful world view) than that presented by the Atheist (no God, no heaven) world view which seems to be the current basis of many modern educational systems today. The Bible says that there is a God, and it offers a hope of life after death (the Bible can explain that better than I can).

The Bible, as a book, has a lot in it. Too much to mention, but I will try (do hope I get it right). To use modern western pop cultural comparison language (with a dash of fantasy/science fiction genres perspective), it has a higher body count than Game of Thrones. It has a more complex plot than The Wheel of Time. More ensign expendables than Star Trek. The ultimate Good vs Evil plot, spread over some six thousand plus years. Subplots, intrigues, gardening, a flood, wars, feasts, famines, plagues, bread falling from the sky, water coming out of rocks, heart breaks, shipwrecks, storms, affairs, deceit, love stories, joys, trials, triumphs, tax collectors, prostitutes, soldiers, sailors, carpenters, superstars, Kings, Queens, wars, ships, armies, underdogs, victories, fine wine, and loads of miracles. Even people coming back from the dead! Perhaps the occasional mention of magicians, demons, angels, people walking on water, wise men from the East, and at least one fortune teller? (No, I am not making this stuff up.) At least one trial in the night, followed by a public execution.

Add to this great wisdom, highly insightful moral teachings, and serious talk of life after death! Plus a degree of insight into the Roman Army and how the Roman world was governed. On top of that it is also a history book. Some might say that The Book of Genesis even documents the first ever (and likely only) successful human cloning surgery — removing of one of Adam's ribs, and making it into Eve. (You will not find that in any modern medical books).

It is a bestseller! If it had been a novel, it could have been one of the best novels, but it is not a work of fiction. Still number one in all time sales! Available in most languages. Not a limited time offer!

You can read it free online, even read it free on your phone with nobody else having to know that you are reading it! You can buy it in hardcover or paperback, etc, or borrow it from most any library. (In roughly 52 countries the Bible is either banned or access to it is restricted, so be careful.) There are even hungry lions, a whale, and if I recall correctly at least one dinosaur! (For dinosaur refer to 'Behemoth' in the Book of Job). Did I mention the lions? 😎